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“Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.​

Multi Disciplinary Approach

Don’t Waste Time & Money, MEDIATE

The founder member of Compleat Consultants Africa is James Kimutai Cherono, an internationally accredited Mediator & qualified Advocate of the High Court of Kenya.

 He is adept at finding innovative solutions for commercial problems. (See Profile) Compleat Consultants Africa brings together a team of consultants who will have the requisite skills to engage with your matter.  

Then determine a suitable strategy to solve the situation from its wide array of dispute systems. 

kimutai cherono

The dispute alternatives available include but are not limited to, mediation, conciliation, negotiation, counselling, arbitration, private judges, traditional justice solutions, faith based mediation etc.

 Through a thorough exploration of your issue and a rigorous review of the options available we will identify what suits your specific circumstances.

We will then find you a course of action that will set you on target to achieve your objectives.


Dispute Resolution Solutions

Compleat Consultants Africa will work with other players in the Justice sector to ensure that your issue is dealt with and can make detailed recommendations if you need a specific service not covered by our consultants.

We find you a solution, we do not drive business to ourselves!. 

Speciality areas include construction, inheritance, legal partnerships, NGO, land issues and government parastatals .

Compleate Africa

Commercial Mediation

Mediating between business partners, contractors who wish to maintain an ongoing business relationship AND iron out any difference of opinion.

Family Mediation

Family disputes such as child support and maintenance, divorce and maintenance, inheritance, wills and probate disputes.

Private Judge

Arranging a private judicial process with a retired (ex Kenya Judiciary) Judge. Discreet, expedited litigation proceeding at your convenience.


Conducting expedited arbitrations on commercial matters.

Conciliation, Negotiation or Counselling

Discussions between disputing parties with a view to exploring an informal settlement, specialising on talks that lead to talks!

Explore your Options.

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Why Mediation?

Mediation is a process for resolving disputes by which an independent mediator assists the parties in reaching a mutually satisfactory settlement. It is an extension of the parties own negotiations

A mediation session is private and confidential. It is normally held in a private office or meeting room and no public record is made of the proceedings.

If no settlement is reached any statements during the proceedings are inadmissible as evidence in any subsequent litigation.

mediation kenya

Save Time

Instead of years in a protracted litigation battle take weeks and get your life back!


Be Clever

Choose what works for you, work with people dedicated to making it happen!


Save Money

Use a minor proportion of the fees required to engage an advocate. Let alone the court costs and additional appearance and fees over time! It just works.


Stay in Control

Stop waiting for outcomes you have no control over, get in charge of the process and make your own future happen!


Save Relationships

Why sever social and business relationships over what may be a misunderstanding or a change of circumstances that neither party caused or foresaw


Save Resources

Stop allocating additional manpower and money to a failed venture, get out with what you can recover!​


When brothers fight to the death, a stranger inherits their father’s estate.

– Chinua Achebe

Why Our Consultancy?


Professional Services.

We offer personnel trained and adhering to the best international practices in their respective fields!


Integrity & Diligence.

We act in the best interest of the client at all times and abide by our professional and personal codes of conduct!


Fiduciary Obligation.

We will act in the clients best interests to avoid unnecessary costs or engage in efforts that may incur costs with little or no perceived benefit, we understand that the client need to maximise the utilisation of their resources.


Realistic Outcomes.

The client will be provided with an honest opinion on the resources required, risks and possible outcomes of any course of action, it is not in our interests to pursue a course of action primarily to obtain business.


“You don’t drown by falling in the water. You drown by staying there.” 

— Anonymous

Our Partners in Justice

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